Sub-Zero is scorpion's enemy in mortal kombat and he killed scorpion's family and clan. how harsh. As in my opinion. He is the main hero of mortal kombat mythlogies: sub zero and scorpion is an enemy of MKM: SZ and quan chi and shinnok are also sub zero's enemies too and as revealed in Mortal Kombat 4. Quan chi was the real murderer of scorpion's family and clan as shown in scorpion's ending or sub-zero's ending if my calcuations are correct and ermac is an creation by shao kahn and noob saibot. he's the younger or elder sub-zero and shinnok usually kills people. In mortal kombat 4. Quan chi died instead of Sub-Zero. And personally. He appeared in some or all mortal kombat games and shinnok is the final boss in MKM:SZ and he is in games

Klassic sub zero by atomhawk-d3eflke