TurboBob TurboTriangle is an fanon character by TurboTriangle601. He lives in Turbo Bottom and he catches moonfish with a moonfish net instead of a jellyfish net because when you catch moonfish with jellyfish nets they burn into dust. So be safe. And TurboBob's neighbor is Turboward TurboTriangle. Who plays moonnets instead of clarinets cause moonnets make piano sounds and he is friendly. average. and sometimes grumpy, and cool and his second neighbor is Falcon TurboTriangle. Who is an starfish with the same colors as TurboBob TurboTriangle. Most likely. He haves more neighbors then spongebob. Like Jugene Trabs TurboTriangle, Jearl, Tlankton, Turby TurboTriangle, Moonfish TurboTriangle, Jearl, Tlankton, Jugene, Turby, Moonfish is part of the TurboTriangle (not all of the moonfish are in the turbotriangle family, just the first moonfish born) and also Jeezie, TurboBob's pet and he is fearless so and they blow moon bubbles. which can explode and can be a shape of anything you want it to have with your mind and and his new cousin is PoliceSponge TurboTriangle. Who is the first police officer of Turbo Bottom. He enforces the turbo bottom law and his driving teacher is TurboPuff TurboTriangle. And he always succeed in TurboPuff TurboTriangle. But SpongeBob. He keeps failing in Mrs. Puff's boating school and most likely. His grandfather is PirateSponge TurboTriangle. Normal TurboBob started the family

TurboBob TurboTriangle